Does Walmart carry Coinstar machines? This currency exchange company operates kiosks throughout the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and Mexico.

These kiosks enable customers to convert loose change into cash quickly and conveniently without counting it out by hand. Customers also have the option of donating or getting an eGift card for fee-free transactions.


Coinstar provides coin machines at many Walmart locations. Customers can easily exchange their coins for cash or store credit through these machines, providing an efficient solution for those without time to count coins at home.

These stores use Coinstar machines near customer service areas or checkout counters.

Coin counting machines provide a quick, accurate way to count coins and receive digital receipts that you can present at customer service desks for cash or store credit payments.

These machines can be extremely efficient in helping you avoid having to do the math yourself when dealing with large quantities of loose change at home, though they do charge a fee; currently it stands at around 11.9 percent of its value that needs converting.

One way to avoid the fee is by selecting an e-gift card instead of cash. These can be redeemed at various retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon and AMC Theatres. You could even donate funds directly to charity or nonprofit.

Avoid Coinstar fees altogether by turning to banks or credit unions instead. Many offer free exchanges of coins for cash; however, nonmembers may incur fees.

Walmart recently unveiled an innovative program that allows customers to buy bitcoin at select locations. Working alongside Coinme, a Bitcoin ATM provider, to test this in 200 stores nationwide.

Customers wanting to participate must first open an account with Coinme and visit a Coinstar kiosk, paying a 4% transaction fee and 7% cash exchange fee according to Coinme’s website.

Walmart Bitcoin program imposes a daily daily limit of $2,500 in 200 locations nationwide as part of a pilot program being evaluated carefully by Walmart, with plans to eventually extend nationwide.


Coinstar can be an efficient and timesaving way to manage finances, but there may be fees attached. There are, however, ways around these charges if necessary.

First, Coinstar provides gift cards from any retailer partnered with them that you can redeem instead of cash, to avoid their 11.9% fee.

Second, you can consider donating your coins directly to charity as another great way of making an impactful statement and also avoid Coinstar fees when doing so.

Convert your coins to cash at your local bank or credit union to avoid Coinstar machines’ 11.9 percent fee and keep all your change.

The Coinstar machine at Walmart makes getting extra cash simple and straightforward. Simply fill up a metal tray with loose change, feed it slowly into the machine, and watch as it counts all your coins before printing a receipt with your total value displayed on it. After your transaction has been completed, take this receipt back to a customer service counter for payment of its amount owed in cash.

However, the Walmart Coinstar machine charges a processing fee – 11.9 percent of your coins’ total value will be subtracted from what is credited back.

If you are unable to locate a Coinstar machine at your local Walmart, many banks and credit unions throughout the U.S. offer coin-exchanging services which allow customers to convert coins directly to cash without incurring the Coinstar fee and still keep all their change intact.

Redemption options

Coinstar kiosks can be found throughout Walmart stores and offer you the opportunity to redeem loose change for cash, eGift Cards or charity donations – providing an effective way of saving money when making purchases.

Donating coins directly to charity without incurring fees is also an ideal way of giving back, and may even be tax-deductible.

At a Coinstar kiosk, you will have four redemption options to choose from – charitable donations, eGift Cards(r), cash or store credit – each offering its own set of benefits.

When opting for the eGift Card(r), a voucher will be sent directly to a cashier at a kiosk and once presented will provide an unique code that you can use at any retail or restaurant location worldwide.

Option 2 is to redeem coins at kiosks for cash – however this option may not always be available at each location.

Another alternative is exchanging coins for cash at a bank or credit union. Some banks, including American Eagle Credit Union, Cape Bank, First County Bank and Quiktrip Gas Stations will offer this service free of charge.

Some grocery stores, such as CVS and Home Depot, also feature Coinstar machines; you can search these locations online using the Coinstar locator tool.

The Coinstar machine is easy to use, and you may even save money with coupons or promo codes from local stores. Simply insert coins into the device and it will count them automatically and provide a receipt detailing their total value.

Those with ample coins could soon be able to bypass Coinstar fees by opting instead for buying Bitcoin with them! This new feature has recently launched in certain locations and provides a great way to turn spare change into crypto!

Giant Eagle stores feature large green Coinstar kiosks to allow you to exchange coins for cash, eGift Cards or charitable donations – you’ll even be eligible for tax deductions by giving the coins directly to charities that mean something to you!

Customer service

Walmart customer service can be found online, in person and over the phone. Furthermore, Walmart provides live chat features enabling customers to discuss any problems directly with a representative, while social media support such as Twitter and Facebook accounts also available for support.

Walmart typically maintains customer service hours from 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Sunday with some exceptions on holidays. Times may differ by store; to confirm exactly when and where to find customer service hours prior to visiting one in person.

At this time, you may ask any queries you have regarding products or prices, or email the customer service department with specific inquiries related to a purchase made from their store.

Walmart stores offer helpful customer service desks where you can ask for assistance with returns, exchanges and finding items. Their friendly customer service staff can answer any queries about return policies or procedures while even providing stamps to send packages or letters through.

When an employee behaves rudely or unfriendly towards customers, Walmart customer service desk will take your complaint and report it directly to a manager for investigation and resolution. Should their behavior recur repeatedly, managers have the authority to terminate employment of these individuals as needed.

Walmart transactions usually proceed smoothly, but occasionally issues arise that require assistance from Customer Service. You can call Customer Service for help tracking, amending or cancelling an online order; additionally, they can assist if all shipments but one are missing from an order that has already been shipped out.

Use the Walmart app to contact customer service. The app will display your preferred store’s operating hours as well as provide a phone number you can dial directly for customer support assistance.

Walmart also provides a customer service bot on their mobile app that can answer standard inquiries about the store, helping to reduce some of their customer service agent workload. Unfortunately, however, only so many inquiries can be handled at once by this bot so be sure to describe your issue thoroughly when speaking with one.